Infrastructure & construction solutions

Abhar Cable has been providing high grade cables and expert solutions to the infrastructure and construction industry for over 25 years.

Our market-leading products and solutions ensure the utmost safety and the highest quality, as well as being flexible and cost effective. Distributors, installers and contractors across the world rely on us to support them on leading development projects.

Unarmoured Single Core, 76/132 kV, 1*800 RM/200 SQMM, UV resistant


76/132 kV , 1*800 RM/200 SQMM , IEC60840 Standard, Water Proof

Armoured Single Core, 36/66 kV, 1*500 RM/50 SQMM, Flame Retardant


36/66 kV, 1*500 RM/50 SQMM, IEC60840 Standard